High Power Photovol

High Power Photovoltaic Irrigation Systems

First Application Units

Adapted to
irrigation methods

With a total Power of

5 First Application Units

Adapted to 5 Irrigation Methods, with a total power of 820 kWp


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Riego FV Híbrido con Grupo Diesel

Hybrid PV – Diesel Irrigation

Alter do Chão, Portugal, 140 kWp

Riego FV a Aspersor

PV Irrigation through Sprinklers

Uri, Sardinia, Italy, 40 kWp

Riego FV Híbrido con Red Eléctrica

Hybrid PV – Grid Irrigation

Tamelalt, Morocco, 120 kWp

The Project

MArket uptake of an innovative irrigation Solution based on LOW WATer-ENergy consumption.

The general objective of MASLOWATEN is the introduction to the market of a new eco-solution consisting of PV pumping systems for productive agriculture irrigation consuming zero conventional electricity and 30% less water.
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The Technical Specifications for Photovoltaic Installations have been Developed by this Project and are Available for Download.

SISIFO is a simulation tool to design PV grid-connected plants and PV irrigation systems using models and inputs and showing results oriented to assure their quality and to increase its bankability.



MASLOWATEN consortium is composed of 13 members from 5 countries, from 3 different fields: universities, companies and user respresentatives. Learn More.



User Representatives:





User Representatives

Transfer of Techology to SMEs

Over 25 SMEs from 4 countries have benefited from the transfer of technology developed by MASLOWATEN, attending a series of seminars and workshops during the first quarter of 2018.

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