Farm in Tamelelt, Morocco

Partial substitution of grid-connected pumps. Installed at Tamelelt, Morocco in an olive grove farm it has a 120 kWp PV generator.

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Sao Bernabé Farm, Alter do Chão, Portugal

Constant pressure Hybrid Diesel-PV pumping. Installed at farm “Sao Bernabé” devoted to the irrigation of olive trees. It has a 140 kWp PV generator.

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Sarciofo Farm, Sardinia, Italy

Constant pressure PV pumping using sprinkles. Installed at “Sarciofo” farm in Uri, Sardinia, Italy. The main crop harvested in the farm is the artichoke. The system uses a 40 kWp PV generator as energy source.

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The Alto Vinalopo’s General User Community, Alicante, Spain

A prototype at TRL5 consisting of a 20 kWp PV pumping system was tested in Villena, Alicante (Spain). Financed by the Spanish Government, the results of the project showed a great technical reliability, solving the problem of the intermittency of solar energy.

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