MASLOWATEN has imaplemented a new product called Smart PV pumping systems for productive irrigation applications, consuming 30% lees water and zero conventional energy, saving between 50% and 75% in energy costs.

Integration of the large-scale first market application PV pumping systems with low water consumption systems

The solution will make this integration using automatisms, ICT solutions and precision agriculture techniques. This will allow to integrate in just one market solution the reduction in energy and water consumption. The cost reduction linked to the large-scale PV pumping systems will incentive the use of the systems for efficient use of water.

To reduce 30% the water consumption in productive agricultural irrigation

The solution will achieve this by acting in the weak points detected such as control of electric valves and control and measurement of the water supplied, in an automatic and simplified way.

Soil humidity sensors to determine crop needs, by adopting precision agriculture techniques to consider the spatial variability of soil properties will be carried out.

100% Renewable

30% less water

From 50% to 75% cost saving


Technology Transfer

Almost thirty SMEs have benefited from the transfer of technology developed by MASLOWATEN by participating in a series of seminars and workshops during the first quarter of 2018

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Technical Specifications

MASLOWATEN project has developed the technical specifications for photovoltaic pumping systems. These specifications are available for use and downloaded for free.

Follow this link to register and download them.